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Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

The Samsung Galaxy range of mobile phones is without doubt the most popular group of Android devices in the world. Every time one of these babies is launched, millions of people around the globe go into a frenzied anticipation, fed by the daily rumour mill produced by countless tech news sites.

So, it’s no surprise that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to come under an incredible amount of scrutiny. Is the Galaxy S5 as good as its predecessors, or is it one for the bin?  Let’s take a little look, shall we?


In a world driven by looks it seems only fitting – if a slightly perverse – that the vast majority of people are going to pick up a brand new phone based upon looks alone. This is not something I agree with – many devices currently out there on the market may look sexy but are woeful on the performance front. But hey, you can’t really argue with people, right?

At first glance the Samsung Galaxy S5 is quite different from the Galaxy S4. Gone is the smooth and glossy back; this time you have a nice dimpled finish. And it feels good to hold. In keeping with other devices in the Galaxy range, the S5 has a plastic body. Whilst some may say that this gives the device a cheap feeling, others will argue that it makes the device that little bit lighter.

In all honesty, the design of the S5 is not a massive improvement over the S4, but it still looks great and it really does feel good in your hands. If, like the majority of folk, you want the best looking phone with a feeling of luxurious quality than the S5 probably isn’t for you owning to its plastic shell. However, if you are looking for something super functional then you are going to struggle to find anything that comes close.

Galaxy S5 coloursTurning to colour options, you have a number at your disposal. Four in fact. Very few people are going to get anything but the black or at a push a white one. However, it is nice to know that you also have a blue and a ‘gold’ one if you’re that way inclined.

The S5 is an incredibly thin phone at 8.1mm, although the camera is actually thicker than the phones body. This means that it is prone to scratching if you are not careful. Stick it in a case and you should be fine though.

There is a small microSD memory card slot built into the device. This will allow you to expand the 16GB or 32GB version of this device with ease.


One thing Samsung has always done well is produce devices with gorgeous screens. They always seem to opt for the biggest screen possible in their flagship products, with the best resolution possible. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is no exception to this rule. Here you have a huge, 5.1” screen, marginally bigger than the S4. It has a resolution of 1080 x 1930 pixels which gives you a life like 432ppi. This is significantly bigger than the 326ppi that the iPhone 5S ‘boasts’. The screen is completely crystal clear and I have not seen a better screen on a phone (and I spend a LOT of time playing with them!). There is nothing better than lying in bed and watching a couple of movies on Netflix using your Samsung Galaxy S5… trust me.


Those who loved the Samsung Hub (which I doubt is anybody) wont be pleased to hear that it has been removed. The rest of us can celebrate. The hub included all of those extra apps which just made the Samsung S4 and its predecessors so bloated in terms of functionality. The device has instead had its UI polished to be almost ‘Apple’ in feel with its bright colours. It does retain a bit of what makes the Android an Android though. In short; the UI is very clean and you should have no problems using it.

Galaxy S5 CameraBack to the camera. It now boasts 16 megapixels as opposed to the 13 megapixels which the S4 had. Significantly better. You will be able to tell this in the quality of the pictures that it puts out – they are remarkably detailed. Obviously the sensor inside is nowhere near that of a digital SLR, however, the pictures are more than detailed enough for sticking up on Facebook. There are very few mobile devices that come close to the camera that the S5 boasts.

With the video camera you have the ability to record in 4K resolution. To be honest ,at this point in time I see this more of a feature that Samsung can boast of having rather than having any sort of practical functionality. This may change in the future however with the advent of 4K TV’s and monitors. There is also a second camera on the front of the device which has 2 Megapixels for taking the obligatory selfie.

One of the most intriguing new features to be added to the device is the S Health application. I can see it being quite niche. On the back of the device Samsung have taken the liberty to add a heart rate sensor. You stick your phone on that and it will tell you your heart rate. Whilst the app is open the device will constantly record the number of steps you take. Although not exactly a killer feature in a phone, it’s certainly nice to have and will please those of us who enjoy a good run.

Galaxy S5 fingerprint scannerOn top of all of this you have the now obligatory fingerprint reader which allows you to open your device using your…fingers! It is quite easy to set up. However just like every device that uses it, the functionality is not quite there yet. You will still find that it denies your fingerprints more often than it lets you in. This can prove to be VERY frustrating. Still, it is a nice way to protect your device whilst making you feel akin to a spy when unlocking it.

Specifications and Performance

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Quad Core Processor. It has a speed of 2.5GHz. This makes it one of the faster processors in mobile devices at the moment. It is VERY fast too with next to no lag when browsing through applications. With its 2GB of RAM I did not expect it anyway!

Of course, we have the latest version of Android installed (KitKat 4.4.2) which means that you can look forward to a smooth operating system which will handle everything on the Android store, even the top graphic games with ease. Playing HD Video is a doddle…and they actually look HD.

As I said before, you can purchase either a 16GB or 32GB unit. With the memory card slot you can take this all the way up to 128GB. Continued use of removable memory is noble of Samsung given that most new devices do away with this feature.

For a high end smart phone, battery life is fairly decent. Even with the device being used much of the day it should see you all the way through to the end.

Price and deals

There are some great galaxy S5 deals around at the time of writing. The best contract we could find currently is courtesy of mobile phones direct. For £31 a month you get unlimited minutes, texts and 1GB of internet, with a free phone. The price of the Galaxy S5 sim free is around £540, so you are probably better off on a pay monthly contract if you don’t want to shell out such wonga up front.


galaxy s5

Imagine the Samsung Galaxy S4. Imagine how good that is. Now imagine the Samsung Galaxy S5. It is better. Significantly better. This is no mean feat considering the S4 was pretty good to begin with. This device feels awesome in your hands and the whole feel of the system is ‘clean’. It can handle just about anything you throw at it (it really is that good!) and this is a device which has clearly been built to last years as opposed to you wanting to upgrade when the S6 comes out (which you most likely will anyway!) I have no qualms with saying that this is the best Android device released thus far. It is a ‘must buy’ for those looking at the top end of the Android spectrum.

Samasung Galaxy S5 Unveiled – Specs & Release Date

Galaxy S5 Charcoal Black

The Galaxy S5 in Charcoal Black

Samsung finally took the lid off it’s Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone this evening at MWC in Barcelona. While the design of the S5 is very much in keeping with the previous Galaxy range, some pretty neat new features were announced such as water & dust proofing, finger print recognition, a heart rate monitor built in to the rear of the phone along with a 16 megapixel camera. Also unveiled at the unpacked 5 event were the latest Galaxy accessories – the Galaxy Gear 2 – an update to the Galaxy Gear, the Galaxy Gear Neo – a cheaper and lighter version of the Gear 2 along with the Galaxy Gear Fit – one for the keep fit brigade.

Galaxy S5 Release Date

It was confirmed at the unpacked 5 event that the Galaxy S5 release date would be 11th April, 2014. Not to blow our own trumpet, but we got this one pretty much spot on in our own predictions!

Galaxy S5 Specifications

Here are the full specs for the new Galaxy S5:

Size: 142mm x 72.5mm x 8.1mm
Weight: 145g
Display: 5.1-inch Full-HD Super AMOLED display (1920 x 1080 resolution)
Processor: 2.5GHz (32 bit) Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor
Ram: 2GB
On board Memory: 16 / 32GB
Expandable memory: microSD up to 64GB
Camera: 16-megapixel with UHD 4K video recording at 30fps, 2.1-megapixel front-facing
Connectivity: LTE Cat 4 (150/50Mbps) support, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac HT80 MIMO (2×2) Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 BLE/ANT_
Battery: 2800mAh
Features: IP67 Dust and Water Resistant, Fingerprint scanner
, Heart rate sensor
O/S: Android 4.4.2 KitKat out of the box with features like Ultra Power Saving Mode, Download Booster, S Health 3.0, Quick Connect, Private Mode, Kids Mode and more.

Galaxy S5 in blueGalaxy S5 In GoldGalaxy S5 in White

Galaxy S5 Rumour Roundup

*** Update – Watch all of the action unfold in Barcelona at Samsung’s Unpacked 5 Event ***

The Mobile World Congress is held once a year in Sunny Barcelona, Spain. The cream of the world’s smartphone and tablet manufacturers use the event as a platform to announce their latest and greatest tech. This year Samsung are expected to announce their once yearly addition to their top-end Galaxy Series – the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Unpacked 5

Unpacked 5 – Samsung’s Launch Event

Samsung has dubbed the event “Unpacked 5″ on the invitations sent out to the world’s media. Although they have yet to name their latest Galaxy phone, the name of the event is a pretty big hint that it will indeed be the Galaxy S5. Or perhaps they are releasing 5 brand new Galaxy phones? Hmmm…

In the run-up to today’s announcement, we (galaxy s5 deals) has a look at what we can expect for the Galaxy S5. At the very least, it will be interesting to see which of the rumours turned out to be true and which turned out to be nothing but hearsay. And so, without further ado…

Galaxy S5 Price And Release Date

What is the price of the Galaxy S5 likely to be? Expect it to be available sim free for around £550 / 666 EUR / $ 915. Here in the UK, the S5 is expected to be available from free on a pay monthly contract across all networks, including EE, Three, O2, and Vodafone. Judging by Samsung’s previous pay monthly phone deals, the S5 will leave your bank account at least £36 a month lighter – much the same as Galaxy S4 deals upon release.

As for an expected release date, traditionally, Samsung unveil their flagship handsets at least once a year. So it doesn’t take a leap of faith to figure the S5 will be no different. The Galaxy S4 was released on April 26th, 2013, so it’s likely the S5 will be released on or around this date in 2014 – quite possibly even a few weeks before.


More than a few detractors have slated the electronics giant in the past for their use of plastic casings for Galaxy phones. The naysayers quip that the plastic shell gives the phone a cheap feeling. Step forward the ‘all metal’ casing rumour – a common rumour that usually raises its head around new Galaxy releases.

It is without doubt, an ‘all metal’ phone (perhaps all aluminium) gives a premium feeling. An example of such is the iPhone 5s or HTC’s One. However, a disadvantage of such a metal body is that of weight. A phone with a plastic body is simply lighter, and can be just as strong given the right materials.

Outdoor 5

Water & Dust Proof? Designed for the outdoors…

Another rumour regarding the casing of the S5 is that it will go down Sony’s route of making its flagship phones water, dust and shatter proof. Samsung dropped a huge hint that this may be the case in its launch trailer. Sony’s Xperia Z was the original smartphone to go down this route; receiving a very warm welcome from both critics and public alike.

Verdict: We’re calling the metal body rumour as false. This one often comes up before the launch of a Samsung – but is usually wrong. It is however a possibility that more than one Galaxy S5 version will be announced at MWC. If this is the case then it we may indeed see an all metal body on a Galaxy series phone – so don’t discount it altogether.

However, we think the water, dust and shatter proofing – aka turning the S5 into a tough phone- is very likely indeed. This could be a big selling feature for the S5, and something that has been proved successful by Sony’s Xperia Z.

Powerful Innards

You won’t be surprised to hear that the Galaxy S5 is likely to be one powerful beast of a smartphone. Latest rumours suggest that Samsung will be using a 64bit processor under the hood. This rumour has some credence, as it was let slip by ARM that Samsung would be taking up one of their 64 bit processors this year.

Verdict: As a minimum, we expect a 64 bit, quad core processor, backed up by at least 3GB of ram. We could even see a new, 64 bit version of Samsung’s octo-core processor that debuted on some versions of the S4.


Galaxy phones are well known for their pin-sharp, vibrant AMOLED screens. The Galaxy S4 already features a full-HD, 1080 x 1920 resolution screen, with an eye-watering “try-and-spot-a-single-pixel” density of 441 ppi. So, how could Samsung make the S5 screen’s any better? Well, they might just opt for a 3840 x 2160. Known as 4k (or Ultra-HD or Quad-HD), the pixel density would be simply enormous on a phone with a 4k screen.

Verdict: Even though upping the screen resolution even further wouldn’t make much difference in terms of visuals, expect at least a minor boost in resolution. This is the one area that consistently receives an upgrade for every Galaxy iteration.

Operating System

The latest version of the Android operating system out is 4.4 KitKat. So it will be of no surprise to see the Galaxy S5 running KitKat out of the box – if indeed it is running Android!

Also expect an update to Samsung’s proprietary TouchWiz interface – the interface that runs atop Android.

Verdict: This one’s nailed on. Android KitKat 4.4 + revamped TouchWiz, all the way to the bank!

Multi Megapixel Snapper

The S4 sports a decent camera on its rear, with a 13 megapixel resolution.  Can we expect an upgrade to the S5’s camera? The rumours surrounding this have been consistently clear – 16 megapixels is the way to go. Although this is not a serious leap in resolution, it’s certainly would be a welcome one.

Samsung has already announced that its camera on its phones will be using a new CMOS sensor in 2014. The sensor, dubbed Isocell, is specifically designed for mobile devices to give a crisper image while needing less light.

More rumours surrounding the S5’s snapper include new optical image stabilisation (OIS) technology for sharper snaps, a dedicated button for taking said snaps as well as an all new array of software modes.

Verdict: As always with new Galaxy phones, expect an overhaul of the camera. Upping megapixels along with new software features are a given. It is also likely that we will see Isocell technology debut in the Galaxy S5 – it will be very interesting to see how this improves image quality in real world testing.

New Features

Again, as with all Galaxy series phones, expect new features galore. One of the most intriguing of rumours surrounding the S5’s feature set is the use of biometric recognition technology, such as a finger print scanner or an iris recognition camera. Not only can biometrics be used for unlocking your phone, there is also the potential for use in financial transactions. Want to pay for your latest eBay purchase on your phone? No problem – simply bring up the eBay app and present your finger. All done within seconds.

Of course, we also have the regular run of the mill feature rumours such as a better battery (all those upgrades require more juice, after all), a larger screen, a sleeker handset and stereo speakers.

Verdict: We think it very likely that the new S5 will come with biometric recognition. A good possibility is for a fingerprint scanner to be built into the home button and the bottom of the handset – much like the iPhone 5S.


surprise cat

Will we get a revelation? This cat thinks we will…

So there you have our rumour round up for the Samsung Galaxy S5. Expect to see much of the same design-wise (albeit with the addition of dust / water / shock proofing), an upgraded, 64 bit processor, more RAM, a sharper, higher resolution screen, at least a 16 megapixel snapper, the latest version of Android along with a fingerprint recognition scanner.

There’s nothing particularly new or revolutionary here. Probably the most exciting features (the outdoor proofing and fingerprint scanner) would definitely be a welcome addition to the Galaxy range, but it must be said – they have been done before.

Launch proceedings will kick off in just a few short hours and we will be watching intently to see which of the rumours become fact. Hopefully Samsung will also through in a revelation or two into the mix!

Watch the Samsung Unpacked 5 Teaser…